iBrand… Do You?

As we experience a paradigm shift from times when every young person’s dream was to become a 9-5iver to times when our jobs expect us to work round the clock. Times when the jobs our parents do/did for a living  seems to go extinct as we embrace  what social researchers have termed the era of […]

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…Single at 51?

Hi folks, missed me? I sure missed writing for a bit. I needed to take a break from theories until the thought of dissertation bumped into me again. I am sure by now (that is if you read and watched the previous blog) you know what my research topic is going to focus on. In […]

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Digital Story

Hi there, my name is Tolu Akintaro Welcome to my digital profile story. my journey through research as a master’s student in Communication,culture and media started with my first day in media research class where I was first told to think of a research topic for my dissertation- I was a late enrollee so for […]

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Marginalized Majority

Kristie Collins theory of mediated singleness states  there has always been a perception of female(singleness) and the actual experiences of the single women  in mainstream America which are still identifiable with women till date. ”Marriage can be a source of joy and love and mutual support but why do we teach girls to aspire to […]

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A Bite of ‘COOKIE’

Foremost film critic and author of what is Cinema? Andre Bazin (did I mention he was born on my birthday?) once said that“photography does not create eternity, as art does, it embalms time, rescuing it simply from its proper corruption. The cinema substitutes for our gaze the world more in harmony with our desires.” This […]

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Enough Is Enough

I recently found an article about a lady I know who was harassed Female Student Submits Petition Against her lecturer and deprived of her rights while she was studying for her undergraduate degree. it beats me that women especially feminist would not stand up to an issue as severe as this. Photo Credits: Wiki How […]

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