Accomplishment Amnesia

Over the last couple of weeks, I have made at least two major giant strides. First, I became a year older and 24 hours later, I bagged a Masters degree. These were above other reasons, something worth celebrating and being euphoric about. BUT……NO! I wasn’t all that happy. As a matter of fact, I had what some social scientist regard as Accomplishment Amnesia.



Accomplishment amnesia occurs when we get so busy meeting our obligations and moving on to the “next thing” that we quickly forget what we’ve done in the past (however distant or recent) that has value.

It is a state of mind whereby individual works so hard for a cause/goal, but at the point of savouring the dividends, the individual feels less of themselves, thinking they have not accomplished as much as they hoped to. This feeling has flooded by thoughts over the past months because, as every young and ambitious person, I strive to outdo myself and the plans I have set out for myself. In the event that it all does not work as planned whether due to faults of mine or the laxity people I entrusted with the plan, while working on it,or just Posterity taking its course in life, i fall into this mode of not remembering or considering that I have accomplished much even when people slide into my DMs to profess how in many ways I have inspired them to take action and refuse to be a couch potato.


I personally think that this ‘condition’ is birth from fear of failing and most importantly, the anxiety that comes with anticipating what the future holds and how bright or dim it would be. the concern about talks on purpose and the sheer uncertainty that everything I do, have done or still doing is all for that one-word Spiritual and motivational leaders have come to terms with using to make a chunk of money from the ignoramus like me.

So here I am again, writing this from the comfort of my bed, my favourite tea at hand, and just pondering on what the future holds. Would I end up with a title after my name saying PhD or would I in the next couple of weeks, months and…. (hopefully not years) find meaning to my life and finally seize the moment to walk in it. Would I earn a living doing what I love or find myself doing something to make ends meet. Would I marry Oyinbo due to the pressure from friends and family members just to ‘secure’ an unsure future or would I find the ying to my yang and live happily…

While I still live in the uncertainty of tomorrow, I choose to trust the Almighty who knows the end from the beginning while I swallow my pride count my blessings for the accomplishments I have attained the last couple of years.

Photo Credits: Emmanuel Johnson and Adis Kanova.

This Oyinbo life sef!

Before stepping foot in the white man’s land, Everyone said it was one of the highest achievements one could ever attain. That my life would change for the best instantly, the grass is ‘over’ green on this side, that I would have fewer things to worry about and in short, this is a PERFECT LIFE!


No one said the cold would almost make me lose my mind, or that I would have to subject myself to learning ‘phone’ orBritish accent because these people say they find it hard to understand my kind of English.

Nobody told me to be prepared for a culture shock. where I had to get used to calling my lecturers by their first name or in some cases a nickname depending on the lecturer. instead or Mr this or Miss that, Dr Teke or ‘Prof Prof’, Daddy, Baba, or Mummy as I was used to calling my lecturers back at home or else your carry over is just nearby.

Yes, indeed, they told me I would not miss home cooking as such- and I really did not. well…sometimes. with one too many African restaurants and shops you might not miss much.


They also did not tell me I would not be able to eat my Agbalumo, roasted corn, point and kill, Masara (my definition of boiled corn), ube, Mango that drips juice down through your elbow as you use your tongue to put it under control. No one said I would miss eating dried Aya, Kush and Dush, drinking Kunu and Zobo (need I mention pure water in those dry and hot Abuja weather).They did not tell me I would have to fast from Fura and Nunu, fired cheese (Wara), and Ofe Owerri! Lord! the thought of how much I have missed is making me cry sef. which kain life be this?


They forgot to also tell me that Christmas and Easter would be like a day of mourning. you are subjected to staying at home. Nothing like marathon eating from house to house (Including take away meat) or visiting UncleKeske for Christmas Choi.They forgot to say my Amala would be replaced with mashed potatoes with peas and turkey roast or fish and chips and Apple crumbles. This Oyinbo life sef!

They told me I would have a better life here with more opportunities. More opportunities to grow? no doubt. but that better life ehn, more like I knew the true meaning of depression. As a typical Nigerian babe with a knack for psychology, there are certain illnesses we took for granted because the awareness of the severity wasn’t blown up like HIV or Ebola. So you could imagine when I came here and I was told I suffered from mild depression. I was like ‘is that a new type of Malaria?’ When you would always have to RSVP before visiting someone, why wouldn’t people be depressed? You cannot just be in the neighbourhood and say ‘i was passing, and I just wanted to say hello even though half the time, it is a lie’.

Talking about RSVP, nobody informed me that to attend a wedding, common wedding o you would have to RSVP on or before a particular date or else, no food for you. And your RSVP admits one; when in Naija, one invitation card is for ‘and family’ (which really means anybody).

No one ever told me I  would know the true meaning of racism. that there is a difference between been black and being African, that even amongst my African people, I would face segregation- when we all need to fight and stand for our rights, we are Africans but when it is time to reap the benefits, I become Nigerian or Ghanian or East African. No one prepared me for the backlash I would receive from these dear white people because of the colour of my skin. I would have to deal with been labelled with an identity when filling out every ‘equal opportunities’ form that says: choose one of the following, African (Black), Black (Carribean), Black (British).

No one prepared my mind for the cynicism of the British man, that when a British man tells you something is good, you have to check the semantics and syntax and when he says ‘ I’m afraid’, just get on those two knees of yours to pray he is not about to throw a bombshell at you.

I wish someone told me that my passport would sometimes stand as a hindrance to getting a good job here. My certificate would in some cases be an obstacle because my boss is probably just a diploma holder and he/she would not want to feel threatened by me. That no matter your degree, if you do not have any hands-on experience, you are going to OYO. I wish someone just whispered to me to be careful of all I read and hear because I would graduate a critic of almost everything cultural and issues on identity.

No one mentioned that the academia in this part of the world is based on competition. A ‘healthy’ competition teachers (un)consciously put in place for everyone to become rivals with each other because of a grade.

Nobody said, holding on to my Christian faith would be one of the toughest decisions I would ever make. Because social liberalism and Christianity have a lot of differences.


Anyway, At least this Oyinbo life has made me love myself more, harness my strengths and work on my weaknesses. it has made me realise that all those times I almost regretted going to a public University prepared me for times such as this.

BUT… then again!

This Oyinbo life sef!

#HaveyouHeard! Naija has a Hotel Culture.

Culture: the way of life of a group of people. At least so I was taught in Social studies class some donkey years ago. However, this term has over the years sprung up one too many semantics. Some have come to terms with an ideology that wherever people live, work and often share similar interest, culture develops in such a space.

A social researcher once told me, that culture is like a bacteria (good or bad) once it finds root in a safe space, it grows. That is why you would find culture in music as the example of pop culture, in arts, in business (as seen in their fashion and speech). you name it, wherever and whatever floods the interest of a group of people, Culture develops there.

A couple of months ago, I had a random yet informative conversation with my fellow culture critiques on culture and identity after some vodka shots. One of whom is from the Gambia and had visited Lagos, Nigeria recently for the first time out of nowhere said with so much excitement that:’Nigeria has what I call a hotel culture Tolu’. My other friend and I who were both Nigerians were taken aback for a second to digest and comprehend what he actually meant. He probably saw the confusion on our faces so he went further to say: Nigerians have a thing for using hotels for almost everything. the hotel is a broke man’s way to hide his sexual sins while owning a guest house is the rich man’s way to follow suite. It then dawned on us that Nigerian men and cougars alike have made it a ‘thing’ to use the hotel or what we called ‘hush houses’ to satisfy their secret desires and in other cases, for those really discreet meetings that can not and should not be held in public. It seems according to my Gambian friend that the hotel management have come to this understanding and have become experts at keeping mum over what happens with their clients. (i mean, what happens in room 117 stays there right?).

He further told us that that must be the reason why you find a hotel or a guest house (as they are often called) almost at every street you walk on. Though we are yet to fully accept his standpoint, it seems like a reality we never knew existed. So for those in Nigeria, and those planning to visit, say hello to the new culture called Hotel Hush!


Bosses Without Borders

The choice of headline for this post is quite hilarious to me. First, because I was not sure of a suitable topic to describe this piece and secondly, I was trying to play upon words (am not quite sure if I nailed it though).

Anyway, this post is about bosses. Yes…! Bosses!


Bosses you might probably refer to as HORRIBLE but for some reason,you can’t seem to get them out of your head. yep! Those Bosses! Bosses that have instilled a form of fear in you  lingering over your new bosses or anyone in authority over you, bosses who regardless of how horrible you say they are, have taught you something unforgettable about life. Sometimes, you might just have one, other times life throws you more than one of this species of bosses at you. Ever had a boss in this category…well I have and I want to talk about her (Yes! HER)

But First…

You see, Michel Foucault once explained in his book on Power and Subject that the  subject  is described as both a state of being subject to another’s control and of obtaining and becoming knitted to an identity or position while power is exercised on free subjects and insofar as they are free (Foucault 1982). You might wonder what I am trying to drive at with Foucault’s position of the power and subject. You see, according to Foucault no boss should have this form of domineering power on his/her subject without freedom/free will because one way or another, the subjects wilfully  obtain the identity of the person with the power. Unfortunately, these bosses have probably never read Foucault’s book in their lives. so back to my story…

Two years ago I was at a place in life called (In-between jobs-which is also termed as jobless). Fortunately, luck shined on me and  I had the privilege of working with a young woman who was as ambitious as I was. For the purpose of this post, we would call her ‘Boss lady’. She had a plethora of businesses but I found myself in her PR firm first as an assistant but I got fired on the grounds that I was too slow in constructing a perfect lie for publicity. Before my sack, the boss lady knew I loved to write so she rehired me as a writer for her magazine firm. this time, because I understood what it was like being without a job, I was ready to do anything to keep my Job. Moreover, how many bosses give you a second chance.

Hey! almost forgot to add, Bosslady was a good ‘famzer’ (to the non- Nigerians, let’s just say a famzer is someone who can exaggerate on everything- they are not liars, they just sweet tongue people into things) I was famzed into the job, because she loved how hardworking and the network I had built for myself at a young age. However, because I had a bad sense of style, she was ready to mould me to become a mini her (truth be told, I wanted to be like her, I really admired boss lady and I still do).


Since I had been given a second chance, I was all -in this time, sad thing was I resumed without am employment letter or contract, an I.D. card to show I was working for the company, no salary structure, no closing time or resumption time NOTHING (though I was told in passing that my work time was 9:00- 17:00hrs but that was in passing not documented i ended up working 7 days a week 9:00- 23:00hrs all through the five working days) I did not complain because I wanted to work and gain new skills.  However, I learnt more than skills. I was an errand girl for her personal errands, her only staff writer, her blogger, her second assistant and above all, her office Buddie (yep I won her heart that much).

I don’t plan to share a life history of two years ago with you to bore you, I just want to share the main things boss lady has taught me despite the fact that I was used, insulted, sacked, bashed, you name it while I was with her(she even told me to watch Devil wears Prada again before working with her- reason for the picture) and these tips have helped me in my life’s journey so far. that is why I said earlier that though we might not have any business to do together, the experience I had with her was priceless.

  1. You need to have a fashion culture.
  2. If you want to be taken seriously and/or respected, dress the part.
  3. Read as though your life depends on it (you never know when you would need that piece of information you read about)
  4. Be inquisitive, ask questions.
  5. If you want to be broke in life have friends that would never challenge your thought process or think of new and creative ideas
  6. If you want to be broke, mingle with mediocre and vice-versa
  7. If you make a mistake, beat yourself, learn the lessons and MOVE ON!
  8. Question things around you, Find answers.
  9. If you go through a bad break up your rebound or next relationship/ partner should be waa aa ay better than the former. it’s therapeutic according to boss lady.
  10. Find your niche, train dirty to perfect it, make sure you be a boss in that niche. Be your own competition.
  11. And when life throws you lemons, honey make a cocktail lemonade is for the mediocre.


I hope Boss lady has taught you something as she has taught me. I just hope she understands Foucault’s idea of power and uses it accordingly.


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New Level Lateness

I have been emailed a night before about my meeting at 10am. Considering I do not consider myself a morning person, I do not mind the timing at all (i mean it’s mid-morning). In fact, I would be there by 9:30am maximum 9:45am (i tell myself). I set my alarm for 7:30am which to some would be too early to wake up for a 10:00am meeting but after thinking of all that I do before I leave my house (which includes taking the bus or walking for about 25 minutes), I better set the alarm for that time yet I am still ‘almost’ late or very late for my meetings.

You see I do not set out to be late for an appointment (and I mean any appointment at all) I wake up to say my prayers (in between sleep) and  because I do not want to be late, I skip all the yoga/ aerobics ceremony, give myself a good look in the mirror and tell myself sweet uplifting things for another 10 minutes.


it’s 8:00am ‘i am doing alright with time, (i tell myself- Tolu you are so smart) head to the shower spend another….. you already know by now (and if you don’t, check my previous blog post).

Since I am not much of a makeup person I am usually done in less than 10 maximum 10 minutes. I check the time, it’s almost 9am  I skip breakfast so I could leave the house early but then again, I think to myself (a cup of tea and a slice of bread would not hurt moreover, I need the energy to kick off the day). I get to breakfast in one hand and my phone on the other hand (i need something to help me pass the time while I eat and drink- I tell myself again). I take a seat to make myself comfortable to read through people’s ramblings on social media and the comic stunts some people enjoy doing. Next time check, it’s 9:35! How Come!


As a ponder on the many reasons why I run late, I chose to write down (i actually mean reminisce)  on everything I do to find out what takes the most of my time. In the midst of my thoughts wandering to find answers, the answer stared at me in the face -with a screen and keypad not forgetting the  community of people who keep me ‘busy’ on that screen.

You see when Marshall McLuhan told us we would live in a global village: one world interconnected by an electronic nervous system, making it part of our popular culture. We thought he did us a favour but what he did not know was that this ‘electronic nervous system’ has made us pathological late comers.

Take it or not, we are all active and passive members of a virtual commuinity. From facebook groups to Whatsapp forums, we have all been part of a group. However, most of the time people like me tend to be on the passive side view comments and posts of others. People like me are called the monitors. we never say a word or comment unless there is need to correct an opinion or motion (you might think i am deviating but i am not) see, i fear that because i spend so much time in front of a mobile screen i would be one of those millions who would make physical interaction go into extinction. I fear that that would happen because I live for physical interaction. it is my life!

But with Lady Apple  taking most of my space and making me late (yes! she made me late or how do you explain her frequent beeps that need my likes, the pictures that need my shares and the post that need my comments). The advertising companies do not help too. using  my interests and bio on social media only  for them to flood my timeline with things to entice me! God is watching you o!

So this is me unashamed and in search of a community of people who need a social media rehab (more like people who need to value human interaction more than virtual communities, people who understand that no matter how virtual we make our reality, it still isn’t a reality).




Women and long hours in the ‘outhouse’


This is going to be a short post…. Seriously short!

This might sound weird but i have to talk about it. over the past couple of weeks i have had conversations with people most especially guys who complain about their girlfriends/wives/sisters/mothers and how long they spend in the bathroom every morning. The complaint was that the least they spend in the bathroom is 20 minutes. At first, i thought it was an exaggeration until my girl friend tissed me recently saying ‘ha Tolu were you planning to turn yourself to oyinbo in that bathroom’ there it dawned on me that i had joined the 20min gang. Truth is, one cannot possible say people in this category do anything out of the ordinary in the ‘room’ but speaking for myself, i get the most inspirations and ideas while that warm water drips on me. I even connect with my Creator during that period (you would be surprised how many prayer points have come out of that room moment). Could it be OCD on the part of the ladies?  or could it be that is our only moment of allowing ourselevs to be vain; appreciating our body or shaming the features we seriously detest in ourselves. I hear some men fall victim of this too

So here i am wondering what other ladies do in the bathroom for 20 minutes or more and what other guys think of this…habit.


African Pastors and their weird miracles

While thinking of the right way to go about my research topic, some African pastors have been trending on social media with their odd miracles. From those who asked members to eat grass, to those who use live snakes for miracles, then to those who beat up and inflict scars on children in the name of casting out the demon in the child, to those who starve their own children for stealing food from their mother’s pot and the most annoying and most recent a pastor who in the name of performing miracles placed a speaker on a member of his congregation and died in the process (and yet you don’t call that murder)

Woman Dies Following Pastor’s F*cked Up ‘Miracle’ Attempt

Now don’t get me wrong I love being a Christian but I detest the fact that some pastors are using religion to commit detestable crimes yet they are barely arrested for it. This topic is something I hope to look into and why the members of those congregation are foolish enough to follow these mundane activities.

In fact, I am considering changing my research topic but I need advice from my readers. what do you think about researching on the issue of religious leaders taking advantage of their congregation and the congregation being myopic in obeying?

…Single at 51?

Hi folks, missed me? I sure missed writing for a bit. I needed to take a break from theories until the thought of dissertation bumped into me again. I am sure by now (that is if you read and watched the previous blog) you know what my research topic is going to focus on.

In my quest to find meaning to why women are being pressured and stigmatised to getting married before 30, a friend of mine sent me this article of  Famous journalist Christina  Patterson who is unapologetically single at 51. according to her ”she loves her life being single”.

you can read the article at:

“I Love My Life Being Single at 51” – Christina Patterson

Rebecca Traister was probably right where she stated in her book  All the Single Ladies that unmarried women are quietly upending life as Americans know it, is now creating waves on both sides of the Atlantic. According to her, “ single ladies already show  they have the power to change America in ways that make many people extremely uncomfortable” meanwhile, the millions of young men also putting off marriage rarely seem to be the subject of public discomfort or, indeed, bestselling books.

I intended to look at how the Nigerian society has made singlehood seem like a disease with the increase in prayer houses and deliverance programs for singles in many religious organisations and show examples of single women who are countering the status quo.


Credits: The guardian.

Dear Vice Chancellor

Coventry University Logo

Following a discussion that ensued in my group during a class activity  on our first experiences in school and what we hoped to change on the course, so many of us had a tonne of things to say and most of these issues needed to be discussed one way or another. I decided to bell this cat by writing an un-mailed letter to the vice-chancellor of Coventry University.

By the way, the Vice-Chancellor and CEO  of COV UNI is John Latham (I just discovered many students do not know the name of the Vice-chancellor)



 School of Media and Performing Arts

Coventry University

West Midlands

United Kingdom.


3rd July 2016.


The Vice Chancellor,

Coventry University,

Priory Street, Coventry

West Midlands,

United Kingdom.


Dear Sir,

On behalf of every international student, I would first like to congratulate you and your indefatigable team for putting Coventry University on a global pedestal and introducing the world to the beautiful and multicultural city of Coventry. Coventry university in the last 2 decades has no doubt held on to been a modern university and a school that values student experience not just by the awards she has won but in making intentional efforts to hold on to her core values of strengthening student experience. Secondly, I would like to apologise in advance for the ‘non-academic’ style of writing this letter* but it is one and (probably)* only way I can express my thought without any bias.  Forgive my manners. My name is Tolu Akintaro and I am a Masters student in Communication Culture and Media. School of Media and Performing arts.


My decision to come to Coventry University has been one of the best decisions I made. The city is very  rich culture, history and opens her hospitable doors to people of various race and background which has made me feel more at home than any other country I have travelled to. Coventry University is an evolving school especially in the area of technology and engineering (I wish every other faculty could enjoy the kind of accolade  the engineering faculty have been given over the years).

In lure of the above, I would like to state what I would rather not term as complaints but suggestions to improve the teaching and learning in Coventry University especially as it relates to my course of study- media, communications and culture. First, for most international students  from Asia and third world countries who happen to be the majority of students in Coventry University, they face a major issue of writing essays the way and manner that is expected of them either due to the fact that they were not groomed to write in that manner or the writing style from their home country is totally strange to what is acceptable at Coventry University. I understand that it was due to challenges of this sort that the centre for academic writing was created. However, it seems to me that the centre is overwhelmed with the number of students it has to cater to year in- year out. For example, I have to book an appointment a month before just to see an adviser and another month to be sure my essay has been finally read by one of the readers(by this time, the deadline for the essay submission would have come and gone). I also discovered that the essay writing for the engineering department varies from what is accepted at Media and communications. Unfortunately, the staff at the centre for academic writing do not in any way point out these variations. (we are just required to write in a certain way- not regarding if the faculty accepts it). That been said, I would like to propose that all Faculties have a centre for academic writing both for Undergraduate and postgraduate students. That way, the burden on centre for academic writing would reduce to it’s barest minimum and students would be able to have convenient one-on-one sessions with the advisors from their various schools who have an understanding of what applies in every department.


Secondly, the school is known to develop professionals in various fields of endeavours and raise young men and women to embody what  the phoenix represents. However, I would like to suggest that mentorship should be given to both undergraduates and post-graduates students while at the university. These mentors would not take the place of counsellors at the mental health and wellness centres but can help their various mentees to understand and develop their learning styles and technique, help them to improve on areas where they feel the student is lacking and in need of help as it relates to the profession, and work with the student on finding more professional opportunities that are relevant to the-the students interest. I believe that this method would help many students to consciously develop their strengths in whatever field they have chosen.

Furthermore, as you know, Coventry university was once a polytechnic which from my understanding of the polytechnic curriculum is 60% practical and 40% theory and I personally expect that it should hold on to those values even though she has become a university. Unfortunately, the school especially my course focuses more on theories than on the practical aspect of the course. Inasmuch as the theories are helpful in our everyday lives, the practical skills are what would get us the jobs we hope to apply for when we leave the four walls of this great ivory tower. I am grateful for the opportunity to intern with the Office of Teaching and Learning on her media project #GuideToCampus. This internship has made me learn a plethora of professional skills I did not have an opportunity to learn while as an undergraduate and even as a postgraduate student. Most of the times I asked my lecturers to put me through some practical knowledge of tools that relate to my course, I am directed to watch videos on YOUtube or read a manual. This method of learning cannot be taken for granted however, I am more of a hands-on learner especially when it comes to using tools and gadgets I find difficult to use.sadly, my tutors hardly find the time to understand that. I fear for my colleagues who are settling for all that is taught in class because they might find it difficult to get media jobs in the near future without any form of professional  hands-on skill.


As stated above, the school is filled with students from Asia (especially China) and third world countries. I have discovered that the Chinese students in my class find it rather challenging to understand all that the tutor says in English considering English is not their first language. There is usually a lot of bickering in my class because the students try to translate the jargon said in English to Chinese. While they try to translate, they miss out on other important points the lecturer must have made. These students have been bashed unconsciously by the teachers because they try to understand by asking each other what the teacher meant. I would like to suggest that the courses on module be translated into at least two other languages besides English. That is, Chinese and French. I believe that the language society can work in conjunction with the IT department to make this work well. This would in many ways reduce the noise and bashing that the Chinese students face. With UK leaving the EU, I foresee that many students in the future who would apply  and gain admission to Coventry University would be students from China and African countries. I believe this would help future students embrace the school as an institution that looks out for their language problems.


Finally, I thank you and your team for being intentional in meeting the needs of students and making the university conducive for learning, I cannot trade this experience for anything in this world. Indeed the school attaining an award in student experience cannot be overemphasised. I also believe that the aforementioned would also improve the student experience in more ways than we can imagine.

I look forward to your feedback


Yours Faithfully,


Tolu, Akintaro

MA Communication,Culture and Media, Coventry University


*Because I have been penalised for my writing style in most of my essays.

* The brackets express my  deep thoughts on the issue

B.Walters Aura

Let’s have a little nostalgia moment or like the social media lingo, a throwback. Remember the days when you visited a museum, reserve or art gallery for the first time and you left with a ‘kind of unexplainable feeling’ of euphoria and enthusiasm. Well… unfortunately, or fortunately (depends on how you see it) that memory is going into extinction According to Benjamin Walters he terms this ‘feeling’ as an AURA. He defines the aura as:

”We define the aura…as the unique apparition of a distance, however near it may be. To follow with the eye—while resting on a summer afternoon—a mountain range on the horizon, or a branch that casts its shadow on the beholder, is to breathe the aura of those mountains, of that branch”(Walters 1930).

Though I am of the opinion that his definition does not fully explain what the aura means, Walters is of the opinion that modernity has dealt a great blow on the aura through its invention of the photographic camera that makes it possible to view history without experiencing the ‘feeling’.Benjamin  adds that the aura represents the originality and authenticity of a work of art which cannot be reproduced by a technological image.

However, he draws on the following questions:

a.What happens to Aura?

b. How is human sense perception related to history

c. Is he criticising a universal phenomenon?

Benjamin Laments that when the spectator of an image would realise the aura of an image is not present, the producers of the mechanical production would replace the aura with distraction as a mode of reception.


”It falls back to the last entrenchment: the human countenance. In the cult of remembrance…the cult value of the image finds its last refuge. In the fleeting expression of a human face, the aura beckons from early photographs for the last time. This is what gives them their melancholy and incomparable beauty”.


This cult of genius would become a mythological space where humans would begin to find aura in places like a cinema. Though the truth about Benjamin Walters lamentations cannot and should not be under emphasised, However, I am of the opinion that the introduction of the technological image like Andre Bazin’s theory of cinema would help humans to store up memories of their existence at little or no cost.Take, for example, I as an individual would not have been able to see what the Monalisa looks(ed) like without the existence of the mechanical image neither would I have had the opportunity to see it at Musee le Louvre  because paintings such as the Monalisa would be classified. However, I am also in accordance with Walters because the experience you acquire from viewing an Everest  or any of the wonders of the world cannot be measured through a photographic image because technology is changing humanity’s entire mode of existence.