New Skills

I have always wanted to learn  something new. In fact, I live every day with the motive of learning something new each day but life as it is, sometimes you don’t. For every professional interview, I have attended, that has been my mantra when I am asked: ”so what made you apply for this job position?”I […]

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Dear Vice Chancellor

Following a discussion that ensued in my group during a class activity  on our first experiences in school and what we hoped to change on the course, so many of us had a tonne of things to say and most of these issues needed to be discussed one way or another. I decided to bell […]

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#G2C Storyboard

It’s my first time of having a go at creating a storyboard let alone for a school project i am working on. However, below happens to be the first ever digital storyboard i have ever created.  I am hopeful that this would be the least work i would do on  a storyboard. Ciao.

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Life of a Volunteer

Yep! Yep! and I am so excited about it. After several attempts of writing cover letters, visiting the schools careers department, attending seminars on how to review my CV at CGE, I even applied for a modelling job all to no avail. I finally got a volunteer job in school. I have always wanted to […]

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