My Passport is a Snare!

Hey, you! I have gist. Oya pull your chair close and your ears closer. About a week ago, as I travelled from Baltimore to Denver (yea yea, I migrated from one Oyinbo country to yet another-Na God), I had the privilege of seating with an amazing couple.(considering I am not one who initiates a conversation […]

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Accomplishment Amnesia

Over the last couple of weeks, I have made at least two major giant strides. First, I became a year older and 24 hours later, I bagged a Masters degree. These were above other reasons, something worth celebrating and being euphoric about. BUT……NO! I wasn’t all that happy. As a matter of fact, I had what […]

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This Oyinbo life sef!

Before stepping foot in the white man’s land, Everyone said it was one of the highest achievements one could ever attain. That my life would change for the best instantly, the grass is ‘over’ green on this side, that I would have fewer things to worry about and in short, this is a PERFECT LIFE! […]

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Bosses Without Borders

The choice of headline for this post is quite hilarious to me. First, because I was not sure of a suitable topic to describe this piece and secondly, I was trying to play upon words (am not quite sure if I nailed it though). Anyway, this post is about bosses. Yes…! Bosses! Bosses you might probably […]

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New Level Lateness

I have been emailed a night before about my meeting at 10am. Considering I do not consider myself a morning person, I do not mind the timing at all (i mean it’s mid-morning). In fact, I would be there by 9:30am maximum 9:45am (i tell myself). I set my alarm for 7:30am which to some would […]

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Digital Story

Hi there, my name is Tolu Akintaro Welcome to my digital profile story. my journey through research as a master’s student in Communication,culture and media started with my first day in media research class where I was first told to think of a research topic for my dissertation- I was a late enrollee so for […]

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#CheckPoint is #CounterPoint

After months of planning, travelling, calling for meetings, making presentations, sometimes tormenting my teammates just to get things done as soon as possible. We finally had to bring everything to an end on the 12th of July 2016. Still confused on what I am talking about?  I am talking about the media exhibition from our […]

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New Skills

I have always wanted to learn  something new. In fact, I live every day with the motive of learning something new each day but life as it is, sometimes you don’t. For every professional interview, I have attended, that has been my mantra when I am asked: ”so what made you apply for this job position?”I […]

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