#ThrowBack: I quit my job on my birthday.

Happy September folks! How did your August go? well… mine was come Ce come Ca. Life is happening to me and I am not sure of the Best way to react to it. In my quest to react, I have decided to challenge my self to write something for the rest of this month- to the best that I can.

I have thought of sharing this story for a while but like I said, life happened. The month of  April is one of my Favorite months After August. For one it is my birth month and for other second reason- I just love it, I have a fetish that the month offers me all that I ever want in just one month. it always feels like I am on a nice roller coaster for 30 days. But this particular month of April 2017, it was full of one too many life lessons. One of which was when I turned in my first resignation letter on my birthday.

One major reason why I took this job was for two reasons:

  1. Mr account balance was running low and I am broke-phobic- I dread it! (the fear of being broke-yes I composed it)
  2. I was advised by Mr lover boy at that time of my life to go for it. though my spirit was not up for the job.

I took the job, signed the contract and discovered at the training that the job entailed swindling older women to pay some money using their credit cards. you know those calls they call unsolicited? yep! that. I strongly believe in Karma. After working at the job receiving no fulfilment whatsoever, the salary was not even worth it anymore. I gave a deep sigh and typed out my resignation letter and said my deuces- it was like a birthday gift to myself. I had to ask Tolu. do you want to enter a new year in a miserable job? Tolu said no..Nuff said, girl. I have never regretted it-not for a second. The funny part was I gave a hint to my supervisor he tried to promise me a raise just to keep the job. On my last day of work, I was not sure of the right way to drop my letter so I waited for work to be over, as usual, waited for my supervisor to leave his desk (by this time, I had folded my ID and letter all in an envelope) funny thing was that day, the office was undergoing a phase of rebranding, they had dropped branded incentives like sweets, mugs and pens as staff motivation. I packed every thing on my desk (after all I worked for it.) and ran as far as my legs could carry me. I was to take the elevator but I felt my boss would find the envelope and hurry after me-I was not ready to take chances with the elevator. what if it does not come to my floor on time what if it comes when he arrives at the elevator-omo no time. I took four flight of stairs and unlike Lot’s wife I did not look back nor greet anybody till I knew i was out of sight. my heart was flowing with rivers of joy afterwards.


I might not have gotten another job since then but I am glad I made that choice. I am not in the business of cheating people. I try to stand for integrity wherever I go.

…and that is the end of my story!



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