New Level Lateness

I have been emailed a night before about my meeting at 10am. Considering I do not consider myself a morning person, I do not mind the timing at all (i mean it’s mid-morning). In fact, I would be there by 9:30am maximum 9:45am (i tell myself). I set my alarm for 7:30am which to some would be too early to wake up for a 10:00am meeting but after thinking of all that I do before I leave my house (which includes taking the bus or walking for about 25 minutes), I better set the alarm for that time yet I am still ‘almost’ late or very late for my meetings.

You see I do not set out to be late for an appointment (and I mean any appointment at all) I wake up to say my prayers (in between sleep) and  because I do not want to be late, I skip all the yoga/ aerobics ceremony, give myself a good look in the mirror and tell myself sweet uplifting things for another 10 minutes.


it’s 8:00am ‘i am doing alright with time, (i tell myself- Tolu you are so smart) head to the shower spend another….. you already know by now (and if you don’t, check my previous blog post).

Since I am not much of a makeup person I am usually done in less than 10 maximum 10 minutes. I check the time, it’s almost 9am  I skip breakfast so I could leave the house early but then again, I think to myself (a cup of tea and a slice of bread would not hurt moreover, I need the energy to kick off the day). I get to breakfast in one hand and my phone on the other hand (i need something to help me pass the time while I eat and drink- I tell myself again). I take a seat to make myself comfortable to read through people’s ramblings on social media and the comic stunts some people enjoy doing. Next time check, it’s 9:35! How Come!


As a ponder on the many reasons why I run late, I chose to write down (i actually mean reminisce)  on everything I do to find out what takes the most of my time. In the midst of my thoughts wandering to find answers, the answer stared at me in the face -with a screen and keypad not forgetting the  community of people who keep me ‘busy’ on that screen.

You see when Marshall McLuhan told us we would live in a global village: one world interconnected by an electronic nervous system, making it part of our popular culture. We thought he did us a favour but what he did not know was that this ‘electronic nervous system’ has made us pathological late comers.

Take it or not, we are all active and passive members of a virtual commuinity. From facebook groups to Whatsapp forums, we have all been part of a group. However, most of the time people like me tend to be on the passive side view comments and posts of others. People like me are called the monitors. we never say a word or comment unless there is need to correct an opinion or motion (you might think i am deviating but i am not) see, i fear that because i spend so much time in front of a mobile screen i would be one of those millions who would make physical interaction go into extinction. I fear that that would happen because I live for physical interaction. it is my life!

But with Lady Apple  taking most of my space and making me late (yes! she made me late or how do you explain her frequent beeps that need my likes, the pictures that need my shares and the post that need my comments). The advertising companies do not help too. using  my interests and bio on social media only  for them to flood my timeline with things to entice me! God is watching you o!

So this is me unashamed and in search of a community of people who need a social media rehab (more like people who need to value human interaction more than virtual communities, people who understand that no matter how virtual we make our reality, it still isn’t a reality).





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