Women and long hours in the ‘outhouse’


This is going to be a short post…. Seriously short!

This might sound weird but i have to talk about it. over the past couple of weeks i have had conversations with people most especially guys who complain about their girlfriends/wives/sisters/mothers and how long they spend in the bathroom every morning. The complaint was that the least they spend in the bathroom is 20 minutes. At first, i thought it was an exaggeration until my girl friend tissed me recently saying ‘ha Tolu were you planning to turn yourself to oyinbo in that bathroom’ there it dawned on me that i had joined the 20min gang. Truth is, one cannot possible say people in this category do anything out of the ordinary in the ‘room’ but speaking for myself, i get the most inspirations and ideas while that warm water drips on me. I even connect with my Creator during that period (you would be surprised how many prayer points have come out of that room moment). Could it be OCD on the part of the ladies?  or could it be that is our only moment of allowing ourselevs to be vain; appreciating our body or shaming the features we seriously detest in ourselves. I hear some men fall victim of this too

So here i am wondering what other ladies do in the bathroom for 20 minutes or more and what other guys think of this…habit.



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