African Pastors and their weird miracles

While thinking of the right way to go about my research topic, some African pastors have been trending on social media with their odd miracles. From those who asked members to eat grass, to those who use live snakes for miracles, then to those who beat up and inflict scars on children in the name of casting out the demon in the child, to those who starve their own children for stealing food from their mother’s pot and the most annoying and most recent a pastor who in the name of performing miracles placed a speaker on a member of his congregation and died in the process (and yet you don’t call that murder)

Woman Dies Following Pastor’s F*cked Up ‘Miracle’ Attempt

Now don’t get me wrong I love being a Christian but I detest the fact that some pastors are using religion to commit detestable crimes yet they are barely arrested for it. This topic is something I hope to look into and why the members of those congregation are foolish enough to follow these mundane activities.

In fact, I am considering changing my research topic but I need advice from my readers. what do you think about researching on the issue of religious leaders taking advantage of their congregation and the congregation being myopic in obeying?

…Single at 51?

Hi folks, missed me? I sure missed writing for a bit. I needed to take a break from theories until the thought of dissertation bumped into me again. I am sure by now (that is if you read and watched the previous blog) you know what my research topic is going to focus on.

In my quest to find meaning to why women are being pressured and stigmatised to getting married before 30, a friend of mine sent me this article of  Famous journalist Christina  Patterson who is unapologetically single at 51. according to her ”she loves her life being single”.

you can read the article at:

“I Love My Life Being Single at 51” – Christina Patterson

Rebecca Traister was probably right where she stated in her book  All the Single Ladies that unmarried women are quietly upending life as Americans know it, is now creating waves on both sides of the Atlantic. According to her, “ single ladies already show  they have the power to change America in ways that make many people extremely uncomfortable” meanwhile, the millions of young men also putting off marriage rarely seem to be the subject of public discomfort or, indeed, bestselling books.

I intended to look at how the Nigerian society has made singlehood seem like a disease with the increase in prayer houses and deliverance programs for singles in many religious organisations and show examples of single women who are countering the status quo.


Credits: The guardian.