#CheckPoint is #CounterPoint

After months of planning, travelling, calling for meetings, making presentations, sometimes tormenting my teammates just to get things done as soon as possible. We finally had to bring everything to an end on the 12th of July 2016. Still confused on what I am talking about?  I am talking about the media exhibition from our trip to Berlin. the theme for the exhibition was #CheckPointCounterPoint.

The aim of the exhibition was to critically explore Berlin’s barriers and restrictions, the creativity of the street, cultural identity through food cultures,light as a decoration and the cosmopolitan traveller. The interesting thing about this exhibition was that we all had to use theory to explain Everyday Berlin. I know it sounds interesting. i know but it took a while for every team to come to terms with what we were to do but finally…

The exhibition was produced by all students of MA communication Culture and Media. For a large number of us, it was our first time planning an exhibition. Though the pre-exhibition was nerve racking because it was sometimes challenging to communicate ideas to the Chinese students and sometimes, there was always a clash of ideas. I am glad we were able to overlook our differences and bring out something amazing!



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