New Skills

Guide to campus

I have always wanted to learn  something new. In fact, I live every day with the motive of learning something new each day but life as it is, sometimes you don’t. For every professional interview, I have attended, that has been my mantra when I am asked: ”so what made you apply for this job position?”I always answer with…” I just want to learn new skills”. sometimes I felt I sounded dumb answering questions in that manner but ….

Fast forward a couple of weeks after my first storyboard was made which I was told was not bad at all. I am extremely proud to say that in the last one week I have been able to add three more skills to my professional sleeve. From improving on my audio editing skills on Adobe Audition (you can check out my podcast  on SoundCloud to find out more) to learning how to design images on photoshop and, to the most recent, video editing, directing and managing sound while filming. All thanks to the opportunity  given to me by the Guide to Campus project under the  Office of Teaching and Learning, Coventry University. I would live to remember this

In the past, I had an opportunity to learn audio editing but I took it for granted because I felt at the time my presentation and my writing skills were good enough to get me the job of my dream but I thought wrong. My lack of not learning other professional skills made me almost jobless at a time (or so I thought).

My advice to anyone who wants to be better at a career… learn new skills that relate to your career without been obligated to. There are a million talented people out there but what would make you different is what you have acquired or knowledge you have gained on your life’s journey.






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