Is Your Learning this Disruptive?

I have always seen myself as a fast learner especially when the learning is hands-on. Guide to Campus has given me the opportunity I have craved for all my life. It is incredible how much I have learnt in such a short time and I still have more to learn. Not just in the area of professional skills but even in life skills. One life skill I have learnt is: it is ok to admit that you do not know. That way you can learn from those who know. I am literally putting theory into practice.

On the 4th of July, I took a crash class on video editing and this was the result of the class so far.

The Before and After…



This project has made me know myself better, I don’t see my teammates as colleagues, I see them as a family- my family members from various part of the world. I have been able to learn  media professional skills without ripping my pocket. The supervisors are great at what they do, giving us the liberty to make our own decisions,mistakes and learn from them. c’est incroyable.




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