#BerlinMemoirs: Comparing Abuja to Berlin


While in Berlin, i saw so many things, people and activities that reminded me of Abuja, Nigeria. It seems to me that both cities have a lot in common . from the  street names (streets in Berlin were named after heroes ad activist during the Berlin war, the streets of Abuja were named after all those who in a way fought for Nigeria’s independence). Berlin is a city filled with people from various countries and cultures though originally for the Germans. Abuja is mostly occupied by people of different ethnic groups around Nigeria while the initial land owners Gbagyi’s  moved to small communities.anguages in Berlin are German,Dutch and English. Languages spoken in Abuja are English,Hausa and Pidgin.Languages in Berlin are German,Dutch and English. Languages spoken in Abuja are English,Hausa and Pidgin.

I watched as this lady entertained her audience who were compelled to stop at the traffic light. I gazed at her smile and body language that showed she enjoyed dancing to her less than a one-minute audience. I watched how she entertained all cars that had to stop at the light with so much joy and professionalism just to be given less than a Euro after every grande performance.

Her performance reminded me of a  traffic officer in Abuja,Nigeria who usually dances on the road while controlling traffic. Sergent Audu as he is fondly called was later given a national award for his diligence to work. But would she?

The Occupy movement started in Berlin and moved to other countries. Nigeria is one of the countries that supported the occupy movement. The movement in Berlin has  not been effective for a while, but OCCUPY NIGERIA has gained momentum especially with the economic and unemployment issues that affect the country.

I do not know how to theorise this or if there is a reason behind the similarities I discovered but I believe I shall understand by and by.

PS: Did I mention they  both have gates?


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