*In Ariana Grande’s Voice* We are going on a summer holiday….. Err… I wish that were  the case. My team and I are taking a  research trip to Hitlers city.

berlin map

Yep! Berlin here we come!

Our purpose of travelling is to relate various theories we have learnt in class to the history, culture and space in Berlin. As you might know, Berlin was one major city in Germany that experienced the student movement war popularly called’68 and  also the cold war. This great city has witnessed  development through artists and architects who have/had been victims of the war by creating expressionist art through buildings (architectural designs) and street art.

My team and I Hope to understand some part of the Berlin space through the theory of Cosmopolitanism. According to Kwame Appiah (2005), cosmopolitanism is not “Comme des Garcons-clad sophisticated with a platinum frequent-flyer card regarding, with kindly condescension, a ruddy-faced farmer in workman’s overalls.” However, it is the  ideal that expects us to be at ‘home in the world’, a situation where we temper respect for difference with respect for humanity. Cosmopolitanism should not only preach tolerance but also generate an obligation of hospitality and openness towards strangers (Appiah 2005). That been said, most of us undertaking this trip are international students and Novice to Berlin. we plan to take visual representations of  our emotions as cosmopolitans in a German space and how we take in the things that citizens usually take for granted. One of such is the architecture in Berlin. We hope to find out how/if the Dusseldorf students idea of new objectivity is still relevant in today’s society in Berlin. Another thing we hope to find out is the yearly event that happens in Berlin called: Fete de la Musique. Introduced into Berlin by the French in 1995.


By the end of 1989 and beginning of 1990, Germany was entering into a state of reunification between east and west bloc. However, the country faced severe economic stagnation in the 80s. Due to the recession, the country open her doors to other countries like France to help with building the economy. One way France strengthened the German economy was through music.Fete de la Musique holds every 21st of June.


we as researchers would like to understand:

  1. what makes citizens of other countries asides the German, French and Turkey*  visit every year?
  2. How can other international visitors partake in this event that showcases some form of ‘popular culture’ or consumer culture?
  3. How does the idea of ‘ free concerts’ made by the German Government help the influx of people for the festival?
  4. What has made the Berlinians continue with the festival since it was introduced to them by the French?
  5. Does the festival in any way celebrate the French culture in Paris or the Berlin culture in Germany?
  6. How has this event affected the way tourist view Berlinians/ What does this festival mean for the locals vis a vis the cosmopolitan?
  7. Does the festival have an emotional (aura) attachment to it? That represents Berlin and her history

And on that note… Sehen Sie in Berlin!


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