Before 30: perils of Labelling single women

In the last 10 years, the number of prayer houses for women to be ‘delivered from the spirit’ of singleness has been on the increase. Some spiritual leaders have turned the exasperation of these young women to a money making venture whereby we encounter a plethora of religious centres that regard themselves as a place where single ladies can be matched made (Udobang 2013). 

This situation is  According to Nancy Otoo-Oyortey a scholar in gender studies in an article voices her diplomatic opinion (she did not want to be referred as a feminist with a standpoint) on her observed experience of single young women in Ghana. some spiritual leaders syphon money from the spinsters in other for them to pray for their future husbands to locate them. Many others hold ridiculous revival services with irrational themes such as: “Lord! Give me a spouse or I die! War against Delay! This beautiful Sister must marry” the number of ladies who flock into these spiritual houses in their thousands seeking a solution to the stigma of singlehood can be alarming.As stated in Kriste Collins theory of mediated singleness Collins (2003: 54) it is of note that no matter how much the women  have accomplished for themselves professionally and in engaging in social good. Otoo-Oyortey (2014) reiterates stating that Single women rarely command respect from the girls who are meant to look up to them due to the fact that the older women have painted a picture to the girls that states that no matter how influential or ambitious a woman is, if she does not have a ‘crown (another word used to refer to men) on her head’, she is as good as chaff.

Further more, Otoo-Oyortey  reiterates Hartcocks (1997:383 ) claims of  power and knowledge stating that African Women fight for the education of girls yet, they in turn have an expectation that whatever life choices a female makes, she must keep in mind that marriage is paramount ( Otoo- Oyortey2014). Meanwhile the men of the same age group as these women are given the excuse by other members of the society that he has not come around to making his perfect choice-moreover, a man never ages (Emecheta 1979: 37)


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