A Whole New World Of Adobe SPARK

Few days ago, I made a post on how I got a volunteer job and how I was giving a task to come up with a storyboard. Well… am still working on that board and don’t ask how it is going yet? Not yet at least.

However, I was one of the fortunate ones to attend a workshop with Claire Simmons from the Centre for Global engagement and Becks Stewart from the Faculty of Arts and Humanities. Coventry University.

Claire taught us on Presentation skills, Ethics and Recording she spoke on a PTC (pieces to Camera) as introduced by David Shukman BBC’s Science editor. Claire pointed out that as aspiring presenters, our audience always wants to know we are there- right where the story is happening. They want to know what it feels like to be where the story is taking place.

In his  video on Piece to Camera David advised all presenters to:

Use simple and conversational language

Maintain eye contact with the camera except you want to make a point by looking away

Walk only to make a point. Otherwise, keep still.

Always come up with a phrase that would win the attention of the audience.

When the need arises, make use of props.

That been said, Becks took us to a whole new world of editing on our mobiles through Adobe Clip and other free software. According to Becks, software should either be free or cost nothing less than a bottle of beer.

She also taught us on how to make videos using an iPhone (iphoneography)

Then came the freebies…

Adobe happens to be a world of various software. and the best way to be part of the family is by signing in.  One of such families of software is the adobe Spark (I wonder why it is called spark though) http://www.spark.adobe.com.

The spark is like a slide video or Video powerpoint. It is a new medium to create  and tell stories and you do not have to worry about sharing. it’s fun and free. You can create anything and everything. Yup! EVERYTHING with Adobe Spark.

You should check it out! it’s a great way to advertise products and services at no cost. All you need is an internet.


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