*In Ariana Grande’s Voice* We are going on a summer holiday….. Err… I wish that were  the case. My team and I are taking a  research trip to Hitlers city. Yep! Berlin here we come! Our purpose of travelling is to relate various theories we have learnt in class to the history, culture and space […]

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#G2C Storyboard

It’s my first time of having a go at creating a storyboard let alone for a school project i am working on. However, below happens to be the first ever digital storyboard i have ever created.  I am hopeful that this would be the least work i would do on  a storyboard. Ciao.

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B.Walters Aura

Let’s have a little nostalgia moment or like the social media lingo, a throwback. Remember the days when you visited a museum, reserve or art gallery for the first time and you left with a ‘kind of unexplainable feeling’ of euphoria and enthusiasm. Well… unfortunately, or fortunately (depends on how you see it) that memory […]

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Marginalized Majority

Kristie Collins theory of mediated singleness states  there has always been a perception of female(singleness) and the actual experiences of the single women  in mainstream America which are still identifiable with women till date. ”Marriage can be a source of joy and love and mutual support but why do we teach girls to aspire to […]

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