Life of a Volunteer

keep calm

Yep! Yep! and I am so excited about it. After several attempts of writing cover letters, visiting the schools careers department, attending seminars on how to review my CV at CGE, I even applied for a modelling job all to no avail. I finally got a volunteer job in school. I have always wanted to work in school and in a field related to my course of study.

I now work as a presenter and scriptwriter with the office of teaching and learning: Guide to Campus.The mission of Guide to Campus is to create videos that showcase the amazing things Coventry University has to offer through the eyes of the students. The first edition was launched  in April and it’s time to unleash another goldmine the school has to offer.


Guide to campus

My job description is not only centred around presenting and writing, I have the opportunity to learn how to edit, videography, make graphic designs and everything related to making a video unique. I am so excited that I would learn most of these new skills at no cost and the cool part is… it’s a hands-on training! The job would give me an opportunity to apply for an Open Badge from the Disruptive Media Learning Lab. Centre for Global Engagement (CGE) has promised to give us stipends after the successful  completion of the program.

The first task is to come up with a digital storyboard. I have no idea how it is done but I am willing to learn as much as I can. This might mean that I might make mistakes, but I am ready to learn from them.



For More on what Open badges are about, stay with me on this blog or check out:




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