Chronicles Of An Expeditionist: #Utopia2016


The trip was long overdue. Though I hadn’t the slightest idea of what Utopia is/was as the case maybe.Up until my visit to Somerset house in WestMinster I had no clue what it was all about but all thanks to GOOGLE for giving me the heads up when I needed it.

Utopia happens to be a book written by Thomas Moore (I remember him from the book A Man For All Seasons- all thanks to my Literature teacher who compelled us to buy the book we never read) which describes a world totally different from ours where there would be neither pain nor hatred. Utopia 2016 marks the 500th anniversary.


Utopia 2016 marks the 500th anniversary of the literal text and in celebrating, the Utopia hub opened her doors to creatives from fashion, literature,theatre,film  and the list goes on who would speak on how the text has inspired them all to strive for excellence by pursuing their ideas- which might sometimes be queer.

One of such was a man who has been fascinated by the idea of taking pictures underwater to show the beauty of the world under water. At first, when I heard him speak, my Nigerian superstitious belief said: ‘this man must be a from the underworld- which we usually  term as manny water’.

In the cause of the man’s speech who left his family job to travel around oceans just to take pictures under water, he highlighted certain things I took home as  life lessons.

  1. Go the extra mile to live out your dream
  2. Do not just have a PASSION, have a strategy to actualize the passion, Don’t Just Hashtag, take  ACTION!
  3. Remember passion is vital but have a strategy is pretty much everything.

And on that note, I ask you, Yes! You ! What are you doing with that passion?

#Utopia 2016 would run for four seasons this year. That means you still have a chance to visit the amazing city in a house.



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