A Bite of ‘COOKIE’


Foremost film critic and author of what is Cinema? Andre Bazin (did I mention he was born on my birthday?) once said that“photography does not create eternity, as art does, it embalms time, rescuing it simply from its proper corruption. The cinema substitutes for our gaze the world more in harmony with our desires.” This statement made in the late 1950s is still of note in  our present day- take it or leave it. For every soap, every reality show, every 21st-century sitcom,film or whatever new name they are been termed as, every one of them aim to sell the idea that you can live out your fantasies through cinema. I for one am a film addict but this particular series got me glued to my computer every week and I am not its only victim. though most of its victims are people with African descent according to (Fox 2015). still wondering what series I am referring to? it’s EMPIRE! watching empire is not really about the story line but the characters that portray people’s internal perception of themselves. O character that catches the attention of all and sundry is Cookie played by Taraji. P.Henson Cookie is an embodiment of what a lot of African American women are and hope to be. For African women who have gotten used to been unheard, she is like the voice that cries out in their head- let’s just say for me, she is the latter, though cookie gives me an understanding of what and how African American women live their lives…sort of.

Like I said earlier, many young ladies and young mothers see Cookie as a role model. I personally feel that every woman whether African or not has a little form of ‘cookie’ in them. I am guessing your just asked why I think so well…

  1. Cookie is an embodiment of love. We see that she loves her ex-husband so much. I mean she did time for 17 years all because of him- that’s sacrifice. Considering that the ex-husband in question knows her worth but does not want to come to terms with it. We see her showing this love to her three sons who are faced with different forms of an identity crisis. For every decision she makes for the company, she always has her sons in mind.
  1. Cookie has a gift of gab! don’t get me wrong, women are generally talkers- ask your social psychologist but with Cookie, gab is a different ball game. She has a name for everyone she terms as a treat to  her uniting her dysfunctional family. from boo boo kitty (which she gave her ex-husband’s fiancee) to Fake bourgie @ss (she called her own sister) every child born of an African woman can relate to this kind of insults. African mothers have a degree at name calling without even thinking deeply about the name. Cookie is bold, outspoken, passionate… and definitely not modest. She says the truth in the most quirky ways that would almost instill fear into the person she speaks to. 

 3. Just like everyone in the society, we all take up different social roles but the problem is not everyone knows how to manage these roles and in the process we fall short in some area. In cookie’s case, she shows us how to manage  the role of a best friend to her assistant, a sister to her drug addict sister, a mother to her sons, a business mogul and co- CEO to her husband and her son. She tends to handle these positions flawlessly and it makes  a plethora of us believe that if cookie can do it… I can!

4. Her smart innovative ideas, her on-the-spot ideas for the company is immeasurable. She is an embodiment of wits and style.

5.Yes! Style. I know some might cringe at her exuberant fashion sense and sense of fashion but she represents an idea of what rich and uneducated African women might look like (emphasis on the word). However, she has taught a lot of carefree women to be fashion conscious. she is a direct reflection of You are what you wear. I mean who covers herself in animal prints from bottom to top?


So ask yourself… Do I have a drop of ‘cookie’ in me? I know I do.

The streets was not made for everyone, that is why they made side walks- Cookie Lyon.


Photo Credits: Fox5.com/empire



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