Life of a Volunteer

Yep! Yep! and I am so excited about it. After several attempts of writing cover letters, visiting the schools careers department, attending seminars on how to review my CV at CGE, I even applied for a modelling job all to no avail. I finally got a volunteer job in school. I have always wanted to […]

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Reflections on M96MC

  *Giving a deep sigh* It was coursework week. It seems as if all the odds of coursework was against us because we had to submit all course works back to back. The pressure to meet each deadline was intense. However, that is not what I plan to write on because I envisaged that when […]

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Katie Patterson’s Totality

To celebrate the 70th anniversary of the council of Arts which coincidentally clashed with the 500th anniversary of Utopia, Somerset house in collaboration with the art council introduced eight new commissions on display at the house. One of which was Kate Patterson’s Totality. Katie Paterson’s  totality comprises of  images of nearly every solar eclipse that’s been […]

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A Bite of ‘COOKIE’

Foremost film critic and author of what is Cinema? Andre Bazin (did I mention he was born on my birthday?) once said that“photography does not create eternity, as art does, it embalms time, rescuing it simply from its proper corruption. The cinema substitutes for our gaze the world more in harmony with our desires.” This […]

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