With Love from BHM City


In the course of my studies, I have come to terms with my learning technique. classroom activities are good but I enjoy leaving my comfort zone to study people and a new environment. gladly, I had this opportunity on the 23rd of March. my classmates and I were asked to experience ethnography as a methodology for research in media culture and communication. this experience took us to one of the largest cities in England- Birmingham.

we were shared into groups of seven and each group was to carry out a different task. mu group was asked to walk and talk as we shared the tensions we might face in the course of our research. at first, I thought walking and talking would not be a bad task at all. in fact, I thought it was the simplest thing to do. but! I was wrong especially when the weather is a major distraction. the purpose of the task was to enable us as aspiring researchers and research student understand a potential respondents environment. it was to showcase the challenges people face on a daily basis, observing and making sure we are unbiased with our reports.

it was a terribly cold spring  Wednesday, I could barely think effectively while my colleague and I walked round Birmingham city centre. it made us realise one of the challenges we might come across. Weather conditions would affect people’s mood per time and invariably the result the researcher aims to get might be flawed.i.e. a cold weather cold make people gloomy and a sunny one… I bet you know by now!

The Birmingham trip was worth the while and i would love to do it again and again.


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