#Pledge4Parity: International Women’s Day 2016


8th of March every year is commemorated around the world as international women’s day. this year, the theme was PLEDGE FOR PARITY. This theme I believe  was chosen to enable men to support the cause for equality for women in the workplace and in every area of life, they have been taking advantaged of and/or striped off their fundamental human rights.

In a quest to join this cause, I decided to engage a couple of my classmates to pledge for parity. there were to write a little note ” I #PledgeForParity with their twitter handles written underneath and then I would take a picture of them and post on twitter tagging them of course. At first, I was between scared and timid because I have never taken up a task like this on my own. the last time I supported a cause or required people to support a cause was when I volunteered for a non-governmental organisation in Nigeria and I worked in a team of ten young and active people. I was worried that they might turn down the request but I encouraged myself- I mean for what it’s worth trying is better than not trying at all.

the D-day came for me to carry out the task I gave myself. I had with me a pack of sticky notes and pens just in case- then a miracle happened. I asked the first person who was so excited to be part of it, she was so swift in writing and I was excited she did not turn it down. before we done taking pictures, some other people had joined us to find out what we were up to. I explained to them and before you could spell my full name, I had taken the picture of over eight people who were willing to pledge and the men were not left out, especially the African men in my class their willingness to participate was what inspired me to go on.

At the end of the process, I learnt quite a  couple of things:

  1. When you have an idea, be sure that there are people who would agree with that idea any at all.
  2. Take your chances. you would regret not taking  any at all
  3. According to NIKE, “JUST DO IT”.
  4. the world would be a better place if men chose to participate in the equality of gender in the workplace and in home duties.

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