Musings Of A Researcher


My trip to Birmingham was an eye opener. Despite the cold and the task my teammates and I were given,(which at some point was exhausting- try smiling to a plethora of people for a long time and you would have a clue of what I am talking about) i had on ” ethnographic researchers cap” on (I actually thought I left it in Coventry). while the task was ongoing, my colleague and I found a RIVER ISLAND store that had quiet an interesting  yet questionable.

The store had at the entrance of it’s building a couple of black mannequins, all blonde and taking selfies. this strategy brought a lot of questions to mind.


  1. why did the store choose to use all black mannequins?
  2. Does this imply their major customers are blacks or vice versa?
  3. Why were all the black mannequins wearing a blonde wig?
  4. Is River Island trying to drive a message that says most black girls are going blonde?which is a fallacy.
  5. Why are these black mannequins taking selfies?
  6. Are they implying black girls take more selfies than any other race?                          These were some of the questions that I began to ponder on while at the store. What is your take on it?                                                                                                                                That been said, we had to take a selfie with the selfie girls. oops! mannequins
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