Enough Is Enough

I recently found an article about a lady I know who was harassed Female Student Submits Petition Against her lecturer and deprived of her rights while she was studying for her undergraduate degree. it beats me that women especially feminist would not stand up to an issue as severe as this. Photo Credits: Wiki How […]

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Friendzoned Felicia

let me tell you a story about Felicia. Sheis a final year student, everyone’s sidekick, the girl next door, an embodiment of beauty and brains. However, she has been quite unlucky with or maybe unschooled on what it takes to have a stable romantic relationship. she was what you would regard as the “keeper” but she […]

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Musings Of A Researcher

  My trip to Birmingham was an eye opener. Despite the cold and the task my teammates and I were given,(which at some point was exhausting- try smiling to a plethora of people for a long time and you would have a clue of what I am talking about) i had on ” ethnographic researchers cap” […]

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With Love from BHM City

In the course of my studies, I have come to terms with my learning technique. classroom activities are good but I enjoy leaving my comfort zone to study people and a new environment. gladly, I had this opportunity on the 23rd of March. my classmates and I were asked to experience ethnography as a methodology […]

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