Afromysterics: Rebellious Lawyer turned Master of Air

Two roads diverged in a wood, and I—
I took the one less traveled by,
And that has made all the difference- Robert Frost.
 This poem directly expresses the life of Laolu Senbanjo who is popularly known as afromysterics is a  Lawyer from the south-western part of Nigeria. He took up law as a profession after his father when he was denied an opportunity to study art and music in school which has always been his passion. He first worked at the Human rights commission in Nigeria but realised he would not happy or rather in his own words, ” I felt like a there was a missing piece I needed to fill”. Most of his family members saw his art  and music style as fetish and against the Christian doctrine which his family practiced.
In 2007, Laolu Senbanjo created the brand Afromysterics, a term he uses to describe the ‘Mystery of African Pattern’. His form of art portrays the culture of Africans in realism After quitting his job as a lawyer and moving to New York in 2013 without a penny, Laolu found inspiration in using anything he could lay his hands on as his canvas especially the human body especially the nude human body.He says his moment of epiphany happened when he came across a picture of New York’s renowned jeweller and model Reign Apiim striking a pose in front of his art. in his words, “I could see an extension of her. It was like everything just came together in that work.”
Ever since his eureka moment, Laolu has registered his painting on shoes,clothes and any form of  fashion statement piece that people can hold onto and regard as priceless. speaking of his idea of using the nude human body as his canvas, Laolu says:”I call it the Sacred Art of the Ori because it’s the essence of humanity itself. I try to paint on you what I see as ancestral skin. It’s like I’m giving you new skin. I look at you, and your body tells me what to do. So I feed off your energy, and that has to be right. I feel very connected with that person, and they take a part of me with them.”
On the 24th of March, the afromysterics master was asked to make statement pieces of the Nike Air Max shoes at the AIR MAX CON where he would be using his art to express his love for Air Max, New York City, and sports.
Laolu’s work was featured on the 24th to 26th of March.He highlighted his African roots as the world celebrated Nike’s popular Air Max brand. He made a special appearance the 25th of March.
Photo Credits: Instagram/laolunyc

Friendzoned Felicia

let me tell you a story about Felicia.


Sheis a final year student, everyone’s sidekick, the girl next door, an embodiment of beauty and brains. However, she has been quite unlucky with or maybe unschooled on what it takes to have a stable romantic relationship. she was what you would regard as the “keeper” but she was never kept.

Months to her final exams, she decided to take up a job in order to keep herself busy. Moreover, she needed to make some money. did I mention that Felicia is a bag full of phobias? in fact, one major reason she took up the job was fear of  not getting a job after school and the fear of not having a skill.

As school drew to a close Fel (short for Felicia) got better at her job. and then she met a guy. Cyril was plum with a dark brown skin to die for, eyes that popped when his face lit with a smile, not so much of a fine and fashion forward dude but he was extremely intelligent.He was assigned to work directly with her. At first, she was not sure if she had any skill she could teach the newbie because he seemed to have had more experience in the field than she does. Cyril has been working in their line of the job for 6 years as a volunteer, rose to the position of heading 3 departments. Cyril and Felicia bonded in and out of the office. in fact, you might as well say they were best of friends.Overtime, affections began to grow. Felicia had an incline that Cyril was head over heels in love with her but he was worried she might not take his proposal serious. He told his friends and their mutual friends about his feelings for Fel (because according to him, the friends might prepare the way for him to pop the question). he finally did and she regarded it as awkward and weird for really close friends to become lovers. Cyril was quite a romantic(mark I said quite)  and Fel was a sucker for romantic words written down. he wrote a blog post about her and how he felt about her.

Take peep at what he wrote:

Dear Blog, Dearest Friend (LOVE)

Dear blog,

It’s been a while, been ages actually but it was not without reason… Yea! Like I’m going to tell all of you…….lol

here is  the deal, I’ve been very busy and done a lot of soul-searching, all trough my away period, and have come to understand and believe more in the word “FRIEND” as I’ve seen firsthand what it really means to be friends.

some people shamelessly hide behind the banner of friendship to get cheap patronage or customer service *shame on you*, while some people think its an easier way to love and not get hurt *cowards* for some it’s the fastest way up the ladder of success in life *God dey o!*(colloquial way of saying there is God) and for some it’s just a convenient way to live.

In keeping with the Cyril tradition, I ask “What is friendship to you or what do you say friendship is?”

well for me I met the perfect friend or do I say I found the perfect friend a while back and her name is……… yes she’s her!!! *tongue out* like ill give you her name! but she knows herself as I know she is reading this and yes dear you are the reason I’m writing this *smiles*

she is that kind of person that loves you unconditionally and makes you fall in love with her every day and yet feels it’s weird that you two should date, yet she looks out for you in every way possible. she puts up a “don’t disturb sign” but she attends to you with a joyful heart, she is always excited when something good happens to you (me). even though I’m not always there for her, she is there no matter what… she would scold me when I’m wrong, what most people say they are scared of doing and you know the best part? she looks more beautiful just waking up in the morning.

questions answered I’m sure as to why I wish and pray to marry my best friend (of course she has to be she) *sorry guys*

after all said and done, this is my little way of saying thank you for always being there, even when I didn’t notice you were, even if I don’t say it all the time, know that you are so special to me.  *whispering* “you inspire me” don’t tell anyone…!

The relationship grew in no time months turned into  years yet love stood. Al involved. she Albeit, Fel had to resign due to a company policy that did not permit colleagues to be romantically involved.  her quest to get a new job was futile and this got her depressed and unconsciously met out tantrum’s on Cyril. she found it hard communicating her anxiety to Cyril in a way he would understand and brought about a lot of friction among the love birds.

Fast forward years after Cyril wrote the blog post for her, the relationship ended. Cyril moved on but-but said he would not want to loose her friendship and just wants her to be his true friend. Fel has had a rough time accepting the realisation that she is officially a friend to her Ex.





Musings Of A Researcher


My trip to Birmingham was an eye opener. Despite the cold and the task my teammates and I were given,(which at some point was exhausting- try smiling to a plethora of people for a long time and you would have a clue of what I am talking about) i had on ” ethnographic researchers cap” on (I actually thought I left it in Coventry). while the task was ongoing, my colleague and I found a RIVER ISLAND store that had quiet an interesting  yet questionable.

The store had at the entrance of it’s building a couple of black mannequins, all blonde and taking selfies. this strategy brought a lot of questions to mind.


  1. why did the store choose to use all black mannequins?
  2. Does this imply their major customers are blacks or vice versa?
  3. Why were all the black mannequins wearing a blonde wig?
  4. Is River Island trying to drive a message that says most black girls are going blonde?which is a fallacy.
  5. Why are these black mannequins taking selfies?
  6. Are they implying black girls take more selfies than any other race?                          These were some of the questions that I began to ponder on while at the store. What is your take on it?                                                                                                                                That been said, we had to take a selfie with the selfie girls. oops! mannequins
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I’ll Write you a Love note


love notes

Still on my Birmingham experience, one of the task some groups were asked to work on was about them writing a poem on the city and the life of people in the city (I was so glad my group did not get that task) but we were all asked to work on it either way. though i have a knack for poetry, I could literally spend my last to listen to poetry and don not get me started on what happens to me when someone writes a poem about me. do not just try to get me started on that issue.

Now the thing is, I doubt if I am so much of a good poet myself but I decided to try my hands on it. However, it may not be like that of Shakespeare (which I would tell you about in no time) neither does it have all the “punch lines” that comes with metrical compositions. Anyways,  check it out below and I would love to know what you think about it. don;t forget to drop a comment.

PS: it wasn’t written for anyone in particular.


I know one day I would write a love note.

About how you found me doing the lord’s business

How your endearing words became soothing to my sores

I would write about how you were a blessing to my life

How you were patient with loving me.

I know one day, I would write a love note

About how you knew my mumu button and never took it for granted,

About how you loved me unconditionally

Though I found it hard to be vulnerable to you- yet you loved me still.

I know one day I would write a love note

On how your words of wisdom brought chills to my spine, On how you communicated your thoughts to me with no holds barred even when I was too selfish or maybe proud or maybe…

I know one day I would write a love note

About how I dreamt of your body interlocked in mine and you whispered I LOVE YOU in the dark sheets.

I would write about how your hugs bring warmth to my soul.

I would write about how selfless you are to me and people around you.

I would write about how you taught me not to be afraid of making tough decisions.

I would write about how valuable you are to my spiritual, social and emotional life.

I would write on how you inspired me to chase all my dreams and aspirations and you were never intimidated by the strides I took

I know one day I would write about how Jordin Sparks No Air resonates in my thoughts when you are not by my side.

One day I would write about how we prayed and shared God’s word together, I would write about your unique leadership skills to me and all those you lead.

I know one day I would write a love note

On how you spoke the truth to me even when I did not want to hear it.

On how the men of God you respect showed us the way to love as Christ loved.

I know one day I would write a love note

About how I bless the woman that gave you life and raised you to the man you have become.

I know one day I would write a love note

But that day is surely not today.


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With Love from BHM City


In the course of my studies, I have come to terms with my learning technique. classroom activities are good but I enjoy leaving my comfort zone to study people and a new environment. gladly, I had this opportunity on the 23rd of March. my classmates and I were asked to experience ethnography as a methodology for research in media culture and communication. this experience took us to one of the largest cities in England- Birmingham.

we were shared into groups of seven and each group was to carry out a different task. mu group was asked to walk and talk as we shared the tensions we might face in the course of our research. at first, I thought walking and talking would not be a bad task at all. in fact, I thought it was the simplest thing to do. but! I was wrong especially when the weather is a major distraction. the purpose of the task was to enable us as aspiring researchers and research student understand a potential respondents environment. it was to showcase the challenges people face on a daily basis, observing and making sure we are unbiased with our reports.

it was a terribly cold spring  Wednesday, I could barely think effectively while my colleague and I walked round Birmingham city centre. it made us realise one of the challenges we might come across. Weather conditions would affect people’s mood per time and invariably the result the researcher aims to get might be flawed.i.e. a cold weather cold make people gloomy and a sunny one… I bet you know by now!

The Birmingham trip was worth the while and i would love to do it again and again.

#Pledge4Parity: International Women’s Day 2016


8th of March every year is commemorated around the world as international women’s day. this year, the theme was PLEDGE FOR PARITY. This theme I believe  was chosen to enable men to support the cause for equality for women in the workplace and in every area of life, they have been taking advantaged of and/or striped off their fundamental human rights.

In a quest to join this cause, I decided to engage a couple of my classmates to pledge for parity. there were to write a little note ” I #PledgeForParity with their twitter handles written underneath and then I would take a picture of them and post on twitter tagging them of course. At first, I was between scared and timid because I have never taken up a task like this on my own. the last time I supported a cause or required people to support a cause was when I volunteered for a non-governmental organisation in Nigeria and I worked in a team of ten young and active people. I was worried that they might turn down the request but I encouraged myself- I mean for what it’s worth trying is better than not trying at all.

the D-day came for me to carry out the task I gave myself. I had with me a pack of sticky notes and pens just in case- then a miracle happened. I asked the first person who was so excited to be part of it, she was so swift in writing and I was excited she did not turn it down. before we done taking pictures, some other people had joined us to find out what we were up to. I explained to them and before you could spell my full name, I had taken the picture of over eight people who were willing to pledge and the men were not left out, especially the African men in my class their willingness to participate was what inspired me to go on.

At the end of the process, I learnt quite a  couple of things:

  1. When you have an idea, be sure that there are people who would agree with that idea any at all.
  2. Take your chances. you would regret not taking  any at all
  3. According to NIKE, “JUST DO IT”.
  4. the world would be a better place if men chose to participate in the equality of gender in the workplace and in home duties.