So Tired


I would have tagged this as A-Z of life’s lessons but they are more of the things that sometimes put me in a state of exasperation. Enjoy!

I am so tired of Agbero’s always littering the major bus stops centers with swear words and illegal professionalism.

So tired of BACHELORS’S DEGREE so difficult to match the stress and frustration of getting one to its end value.

so tired of culture, same old same old, we never give room for change and progression.

So tired of dreams enjoy it while it last and wake up to the real world feeling so depressed

So tired of etiquette makes life so boring.

So tired of EDUCATION, you spend the first 20 years of   your life  learning to be a success but in the end, it’s survival of the fittest just for the favored and others…well, live with frustration.

So tired of first class, people make a big deal about it. You struggle, sometimes cheat or lie to get/attain it and now I hate the fact that we wasted time trying.

So tired of heart breaks, why must I even fall in love in the first place and find myself becoming someone’s yesterday.

So tired of hustling can’t there be another way to be rich and successful?

So tired I.T. a time of our lives when we find ourselves in cooperate idleness.Addictions to Facebook,twitter etc. is not far fetched  and little or no take home pay attached except for those you have to pocket on every errand sent on.

So tired of jacking, we have being taught overtime that the main aim is to cram, pass and forget?  So why stress it?

So tired of kabashing with high expectations of a miracle- a fast one at that; but overtime it has taught me to trust in God for everything.

So tired of looking good, why can’t you just wear what you feel like anytime anywhere, anyhow?

So tired of Maga’s, hard work pays and it is legal….well so our parents said and it worked for them. So why plan to spend the next prime of your life behind bars?

So tired of making money after all said and done you may not live to spend a quarter of what you bruised your knee for.

So tired of Nigerian youths they are just too purpose driven -just too diversified, creative, smart, intelligent and sometimes broke(whether for a wrong or right reason). But trust me you dare not think you can compete with them and win because you might end up losing.

So tired of okada riders (commercial motorcyclist).Those people are assassins without being hired (it’s a voluntary work for them)

. So tired of parties it just increases the worries of the future, trust me even Hennessy cannot help this time. It’s all vain.

So tired of Queues...mehn! The thought of it alone is frustrating. If you need to learn how to insult people, look nowhere else….

So tired of relationships. I mean why can’t i just find someone who is close to me or i have a thing for, live together and the rest of our lives our business. Instead of following procedures of dating—going out- introduction-engagement-wedding- it’s just frustrating.

So tired of relatives, you only see their green light in December

So tired of schenking (cheating) even when the Holy Book says DO NOT CHEAT!

So tired of Xs the thought of making up after a long time of seeing them and telling yourself”oh I’ve missed a lot”. Come on…. Toni Braxton has made it clear-they are so YESTERDAY.

So tired of Zzzzzzzzzzzzz and waking up from where you stopped life’s journey.



PS: most of the terms used are colloquial Nigerian words. check out their meanings below:

Agbero : A word used to describe street thugs.

I.T: short for Industrial Training. a period when under graduates work in various companies to garner experience in chosen field of study.

Jacking: A term used to describe the process of reading or studying hard. Especially academic related work.

Kabashing:  Used to express intense prayer.

Maga: A term used to describe an illegal business.

Okada: Commercial Motorcyclist in Nigeria

Schenking: A term used to describe cheating in a relationship.


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