Face Of Leadership


face leader

According to the oxford Advanced Learners Dictionary, to lead means to influence actions or opinions of somebody. A leader directs controls or guides somebody or people on a quest to be achieved.

Leadership refers to the ability to be a leader that guides and directs his/her followers on a “ship” particularly, a course of action. We however ask ourselves.” who is this face of leadership?” Permit me to be a little metaphorical. a face of leadership is that which consist of eyes with a good vision to see a goal to be achieved, eyes  that see the impossible as possible, the unusual as usual, and the abnormal as normal. It just means seeing things especially a given task from a different perspective or picture. A face whose ears listen to people both young and old and does not see anybody’s idea as useless even though it may not be needed at that particular time, whose nostrils perceive things of great worth, whose mouth speaks the truth and refuse to compromise no matter what happens. a heart that thinks of integrity, fulfillment of purpose, success as a collective responsibility and takes every blame of failure. Understanding issues instead of jumping into conclusion- heart that is passionate about the needs of others, resilient in character, driven by the zeal to succeed. a heart  sees humility as the only way to total fulfillment, a heart so full of compassion and love for his/her followers. a face with a smile that reminds members and followers that “if they can think it, then they can do it”.finally,that face is Loyal to his/her duties, Excellent   in all endeavors, always willing to achieve and work with  Excellence no matter the challenges. a face that is accountable and diligent, willing to cause a change through integrity not only in  the society we live in but in the world at large. a face that sees every stumbling block as a stepping stone to greatness. That my friend is the kind of leadership we should yearn for a nation. Remember that this change begins with you and i. If our fathers failed then we need to prove to them how they failed and show them how true leadership should be like. Like I said earlier, you cannot give rules to people when you don’t abide by them: all I am saying is that true leadership begins with you.







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