So Tired

      I would have tagged this as A-Z of life’s lessons but they are more of the things that sometimes put me in a state of exasperation. Enjoy! I am so tired of Agbero’s always littering the major bus stops centers with swear words and illegal professionalism. So tired of BACHELORS’S DEGREE so […]

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      More than 600,000 women die due to childbirth or pregnancy related complications around the world annually. Nigeria is solely responsible for close to 10% of that figure. Africa has the highest maternal mortality ratio with an estimated average of 800 deaths per every 100,000 births. The estimated average maternal mortality rate in […]

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Leave Her Alone!

I still cannot believe what I did. How could i be so mean? She really loved to be around me and was proud to call me her friend. I mean, she’s just too young for such a trauma and I shouldn’t have betrayed her. She trusted me for everything……… My family and I were used […]

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Face Of Leadership

  According to the oxford Advanced Learners Dictionary, to lead means to influence actions or opinions of somebody. A leader directs controls or guides somebody or people on a quest to be achieved. Leadership refers to the ability to be a leader that guides and directs his/her followers on a “ship” particularly, a course of […]

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